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must be observed that this exaggeration of the vital properties
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trols the manufacture of about ninety-seven per cent, of
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and sensitization to drugs, such as penicillin and the sulfonamides.
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small, short and dry. Inflammation or other disease of the liver,
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the normal may be referred to the cystin remaining in solution. (See
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vessels at the floor of the furroAv ; the formation of these, he thinks, is
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formed, but whether correctly or not, your constant
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One unit of NCI is composed of two main medical services: (1) the
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dilatation of Bowman's capsule. There was very little, if any,
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extremely miportant, and the strictest attention must be paid to the
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of the arteries thus produced (especially operative on those of medium calibre
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pertaining to age. Of the persons affected with typhoid fever the vast ma-
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infiltrates, cavities, or effusions. The patient was anergic to
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Spurious Hydrophobia. — A case of what was apparently spurious hydropho-
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the different processes employed necessarily yield products
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— The following remarks concerning the health of Rome and Naples, taken
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ing in the vagina should be incised through the posterior fornix; if it is
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brief, to drive the blood toward the point of least pressure
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casionally, though very rarely, seen this happen, but, even if
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duction, must render such attempts, if not entirely, at least for
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cavities, and, if necessary, with stronger remedies. —
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metastatic parotitis occurring in typhus and other infectious diseases;
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this point was requisite. The wound, however, was quite
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inmate." In the report of the State Commissioner in Luna-
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initial bronchitis may attract the chief attention, but as a rule the
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their health. On this account the oceu[iant of the property has
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collected in the pulmonary artery, the right side of the
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nor should the inspired gas be so long retained. As a
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the incontinence may be due to a disturbance of the centres and nerve roots
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upper air passages that he had met with had been in
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'rom the data thus obtained that the jdaster-of-Paris
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disease of the skin and mucous membranes and subjacent tis-
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treatment of Obesity by Baths of Electric Light. Rev. de
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strip of coast, another the delta of a river, the third an elevated
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care she may continue to grow stronger and stronger,
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The illness commenced five days before admission with
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peating their experiments with the necessary precautions, has been able to
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JECTIONS OP Nitrate op Silveb. — {Med, Record^ N. O. Med, &*
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cells is a morbid condition observed in a small proportion of cases,
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growths within the spinal canal, and by lesions in the pelvis
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of a sensory nerve will cause a free flow of blood through the
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I am sceptical on the subject of antidotes, and fear that the hopes
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consistence of the affected area, although it may also be softer than
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