Amaryllis Meaning In Hindi

and the ])iM\iucial hosiiitals. The coii\-ersi(ui of the military
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not subject to droughts so much as farther south, and conse-
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grains of sodium bicarbonate should there be a tendency to
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after he had taken his new position he deliberately shot the
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self and Dr. Kuthy are detailed in the Deutsche Medizinal-Zeitung,
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cannot be accomplished when there are no facilities for positively ascer-
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on the tree as long as possible, then gather it and lay in long
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Klebs-Loffler bacillus produces its influence first on the mucous mem-
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quantity of water required for any purpose, and which may be replen-
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small superficial area, though more frecjuently it is diff'use. At first the
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vision, receives increasing doses of desiccated thyroid gland. On
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dered must have the element of freshness. Canned peaches
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the Value of Various Medicinal and Hydriatric Procedures. From the Records of the
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importance in the treatment of Graves' disease. Considerable
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intestines. At first the mucosa is congested ; then, as the result of trans-
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clothespins, and you have as comfortable a bath as the most expensive,
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the peripheral arterioles. So long as typhoid patients were plunged
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one or two boilings, they appear to become tough. Always
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the result of completely changing the aspect of the cases.
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amaryllis meaning in hindi
pocks be close set, as on the face, wrists, and fingers, the intervening
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sively in certain countries than in others, and occurs more frequently in
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impact of cold, and the subsequent calming of their irritation by the
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toms are quickly exaggerated, and characteristic blood-pressure
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mitted usually late in the disease. An examination of the following
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Almonds — Amygdalus. — The plum, peach, cherry, and
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gree in Arts at some recognized university, or must take the double
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•domestic practice. The patient or nurse is directed to attach a
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native action, and by counteracting heat retention. Strasser cites
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pay them an extra price for their product. This is the only
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and are a useful fruit for many purposes. The Diospyros
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cal data that must be convincing to any unbiassed mind. He says, in
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The type of pneumonia common in New York City appears to be
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.great susceptibility to pain which attends these cases will not admit of
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mind and body wearied by unceasing toil; and what a rest
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To return to Atwater and Woods. They give the result
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las." With few exceptions, however, the complications enumerated are
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As to the methods of teaching the deaf and dumb, the
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quite naked, in a woollen blanket, so that his body is excluded from

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