Baclofen Drug Side Effects

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Dr. Ed. Saint-Hilaire gives in the Sevue d'Hygi'tie for March the results

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District of the Barnstaple Union, vice G. Manning, deceased.

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tlie mean proportions in the corresponding periods of recent years, the

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nised as "lecturers specially appointed" under the recent

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sympathy with his widow and family, and their great appre-

identification and management intrathecal baclofen pump complications

1.30 ; Throat, F., 1.30 ; Dental, Tu. Th., 9.30. Operation JHii/s.—

baclofen drug side effects

We learn from Paris that, in sequel to the labours of the

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the following painful incident related by Dr. Lereboullet at

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Roth, London ; Mr. W. Randall, Bridgend. (S) Dr. J. Smith, Dum-

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vation and unwholesome and unnutritious food (sic), climate,

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not discussed. It is notewortlny that under the Repair of

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of small-pox in England during the past week is not of a

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cut his throat. The unfortunate gentleman, who was a son

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ceed is by enforcing cash payments, and these must be small ;

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so moist as on left si le ; some raucns on cornea. No loss of sensation on

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appends to it a note, " Should this sort of thing be allowed to

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with yours and with those I made of Paget's disease of the nipple, and of

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Williams denied that he liad ever in the conduct of the

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it is to the exploring syringe or the aspirator that one will

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•breath, but even repeated threatenings of diabetic sickness,

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she suddenly becomes very aft'eotioniite. which soon passes olT. This

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tants. Deductirgthe numoer of children who do not drink, and bear-

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examination without holding an inquest, and therefore a

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Physiology in tjueen's College, Belfast, which he has held

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M.D.; *H. M. Murray, M.D.; A. T. Myers, M.D.: W. Pasteur,

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blishment of a cancer hospital in Menna. It will be remem-

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Professor of Practice of Physio in the University of Edinburgh ;

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than appear in any measure to favour the figures on the side

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examinations. He has left in manuscript a catalogue of his

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ma no iron, having selected these animals because they have

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