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exclusively : let me now add, that the inflammatory lesions which I
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diarrhoea, after which the symptoms and signs of rickets developed
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But the coprostasis remains the same. Oily purgatives are re-
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by Dr. J. F. Le Page, in the British Medical Journal, January
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How Diagnosed. — First determine the limb in whicli the
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course may be contingent upon a certain level of attendance and participation above and beyond
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treatment than an ordinary purge during initiative or forming
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several consecutive days, then perhaps on alternate days, and then might be
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during the progress of the disease, and often reaches a marked
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stamped out by excellent sanitary measures energetically
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that I had l^een introduced to him that [ might save him." I want
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Although many of the lecturers in the Portland Street School and Anderson's
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amount of blood in the system, formed in winter, is too great for the exalted temperature,
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surgeon who is about to operate for a bleeding fibroid
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of Stephanurus dentatus or of some other organism I am unable to
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show that in view of their great activity, the salts of these alka-
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fail to see, and it seems more feasible to ascribe the hemiplegia to throm-
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flamation soon results and leaves the gums of the animal
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the peri<^ after the nausea and vomiting, when there was the so-called secondary rising
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patients are anaesthetized with chloral-chloroform, the sort used
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results leave more to be expected from the other agents, while
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interest, were published by him, together with two cases of uraemia
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for table use than the red beet and are raised on a large
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liter ( 1 57 mgperdl). The leukocyte count was 38.6 x 10 9
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approaching maturity must be burned to make sure that
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patient was kept in hospital a month longer, until May 20th, when he was able
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to prove it a powerful nervous stimulant, through which prop-
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sometimes filling the mouth, and, with the mucous mem-
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scope. By means of this, normal and abnormal sounds are transmitted to
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March 9th. — Pulse, 96 ; temperature, 98.5°; weight,
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ous matter, and any other injurious mineral may do so. The lodg-
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beth Knight, wife of John Knight, of the Parish of St.
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on the peritoneal sac, followed by a rapidly extending inflammation
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sneezes, expectorates or talks, particles of sputum or saliva are expelled from
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cause of the wide interest attaching to the topics that were brought
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spinal ganglion cell is not fixed, that it may undergo rapid changes,
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7. Brown LW: Infant botulism and the honey connection. J
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ice-box down stairs, and partially frozen. The undertaker
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patient and quiets the nerve centers. — Jour. Ther.

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