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and, finally, still less with lesions of the rectum. Wounds
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second Street, where he now resides and has his office. The following
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some allceopathic physicians may have made exceptionally excel-
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vision. If the patient rallies, or by treatment is brought out of
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have appeared from time to time in the medical and other journals.
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diseases of women ; chiefly compiled from the writings of Thomas,
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eloquent eulogy upon his friend and patron, Profewor S. D.
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ing home, his sight had gone, as before. Thinking it would
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at the present suggests a further extension of his methods and a
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York City, February 2, 1863, the son of William Henry and Elizabeth
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soft parts adjacent were crushed; and the wound was filled with
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growing out of the surroundings ; and (3) where criminal im-
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the scholarship in chemistry in his sophomore year, and graduated as
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New York, December 5, 1827. His ancestors emigrated from England
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he may be said to be. For not only is he second to none in
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University. Dr. Stimson was the author of "Operative Surgery,"
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learning, dignity and strict conformity to correct standards of ethical
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rarity is it for the haemoptysis, which is called vicarious, not to
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ed in the town between 1849 an< 3 1866, had mitigated the
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The fact that so large a -proportion of hospital patients are
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greatly in his medical career. In 189J he became con-
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to deserve the condemnation of many of the wise and good
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five or more attacks of acute articular rheumatism.
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Equally easy is the diagnosis of arterial (ulnar, radial) and
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1 Contribution a l'Etude du Traitement Chirurgical des Cavernes Pulmonaries. Par Dr.
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doctor for his expression. The special affinity of alcohol for
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was surgeon of the Fifty-first Regiment, National Guard, State of
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Odd Fellows Orders; his Masonic lodge being the Ancient Land-
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bowels ; second, the chief hinderance to peristaltic action being
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ciation ; the German Medical Association ; the New York Academy of
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patient complained for some time afterward of a sensation of
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r THOMAS FRANKLIN SMITH, M.D.— Dr. Thomas F. Smith was
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disease, and communicated the disease to fifty other persons in
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parts, one comprising local, the other general, affections.
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cal School and Hospital as Professor of Neuropathology.
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