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minor points. It is regretted by many members that no

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must be thrown away. Jar No. will also have become weaken

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were only partly controlled by chloral and occasional

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North Mississippi Medical Society st Thursday March Au

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S. A. Chalfant reports on thirty two cases of subcutaneous trans

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ing investigation of those products e i investigation con

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pov ers organic and mental have reference to this life. They

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States and in other countries and incidentally the fact has been re

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daily with a growing suspicion as to the possible syphilitic

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absolute nor permanent. It is a matter of common know

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that it has a large absorbent surface which absorbs the fluids and solids


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the lying in wards of a general hospital before attending or

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appears and it is not too irritating when used full

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devised to show. The moment at wldeh the pateilBr waa

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composed of soft wood willow and iron is in the opinion of the

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this paper I will not enter into details but simply

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lepsy the so called idiopathic form and symptomatic or epileptiform

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amount of contraction of the tubes necessary for the

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when applied locally. Argyrol is used in from to per

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rasping and drying of the hoof waU in uneven bearing of

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abdominal attack. He considered that the haemorrhage in

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the medical profession does not give these patients the attention they

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dones or pre existing acne are said to predispose to its occur

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tabes had soma anditoi troabla. Admitting that some

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man who does neither. Statistics on the influence of sex vary. In

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according to chnical pathologic or etiologic considerations. In doing

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with some accuracy through the body of his valuable Treatise on

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bacteria preserve their vitality below the freezing point of water.

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fine of therapeutics except a few general directions at

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was clearly apparent and the patient was sent to the hospital.

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with some accuracy through the body of his valuable Treatise on

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