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lad has complained for some time of being troubled with the
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tetanus spores be injected into the tissues of a guinea-pig with a little
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real that does not more or less resemble his piece of granite, that
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the knowledge that they must come to it, however unwillingly, and
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may be said to be those of pulmonary tuberculosis, though
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of the external respiration which can easily be demonstrated
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number of changes in the personnel of the faculty since the an-
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of decided benefit to your patient, and permanent. I use the first
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when the curve of optical density passes through a maximum in a
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than in the past, to what medical college they refer students who
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over the sacrum, first noticed April 12, became quite painful.
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tissues : — Skin, conjunctiva, most internal organs, the intima of the larger
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distended, as if by a forcible arterial injection ; the cutaneous vessels, from
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The blood may either be freshly collected or preserved
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on the side of safety ; but inert were the effects as was the cause.
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matter and see how " gross " the libel is. In the first place, we
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profession, when honest men are willing to meet and exchange
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fresh air. A draught is less to be feared than the close, overheated rooms
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third row of tubes. A single pipette can be used to make
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