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cardial sac was cleaned and the pericardium closed by
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marked rise under the anesthetic to 148 mm., with a subsequent drop
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X, 85-109. Also. Reprint.— Corfield (W. H,) Defective
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proper course in conducting his studies. He first describes very carefully and
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saw the case again, and recognized the ulcer as being at the
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As far as I know, the involvement of an epiploic appendix in
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- "Descriptive Catalogue of Guy's Hospital Museum," 1913, iv, p. 49.
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out two very plain and evident indications to be fulfilled ; to wit,
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criticism is valid. Aschoff asserted that the indirect temperature
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ing hypersemia of this kind. In spite of this double indication,
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be felt very distinctly as rough, hard irregularities. Arteriosclerotic
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ing and important biographical discoveries of the age. From
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ieolumn in one instance, and with unequivocal benefit.
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noticed to be wasted when compared with the left, and the

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