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peutist and was sometimes charged with magnifying his

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are serviceable in spastic conditions and in hysteria. Muscular

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ants that there be a constant admission of fresh air into the

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The resulting condition as regards the auricle was rather

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occipital headache and choked disc which indicate cerebellar disease.

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same line of argument. At about the same period Bassi and Rasori in

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lection of tumors has been placed in the museum connected with the

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contrary firm and candid statements are the best that can be offered

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are loaded. If deemed advisable sweating should be induced by one

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other cases it was not requu ed. He agreed with Mr.

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first week. The parts were now contracting and closing

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symptoms The answer is obtained by an appeal to clinical facts. Never

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found if pyonephrosis is present. to O. per cent and

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lishing the principle of sanitary inspection have been

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others. Dealers in war supplies obtain government contracts

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nerve made an incision four inches long in the median line ex

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This Division is in the midst of compiling a master file which

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left radial pulse being slightly smaller than the right a systolic

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must when they occur be considered as an evidence of the excretion of

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least one animal common in our households namely the cat vide p..

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force and increased intravascular pressure are necessary to promote the

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Deaf and Dumb have within the last two years taken the op

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In districts which cannot be drained and rendered wholesome many

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the air and utilizes in diverse ways the carbon of this acid

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Knapp ibid. reports a case of this nature occurring in a boy aged

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button. The child recovered. The oldest patient was

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thor remarks that by dividing its left lobe obhquely outwards and down

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The urea and the deposit of phosphates give rise to an


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