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firms the relation between maximum seasonal prevalence and

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saw him, and found a transverse fracture of the middle of one femur.

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De, Leslie Phillips (22, ^'ewhall Street, Birmincrham\ writes : Would

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arrived he found the child dead. The doctor stated that the

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sixth is not much larger than that of previous editions. This

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narvonshire Volunteer Artillery; Surgeon-Lieutenant K. Oswald. M.B ,

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you a copy of a report upon small-pox, in which I propose the adoption

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some hard breathing over the whole side, and tubular breath-

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cism than the endowed hospitals ; but to-day, with the

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surprise aud annoyance that A. should have revaccinated the family.

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details of the operation I have introduced, which is referred

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twico under i)r. Carter's care, in the Royal Southern Hospital,

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â– constituents. We now know that a cell wall is an exception

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The chief purpose of this paper is to show that there is 3>

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heart is still beating, the right side full of dark clot, the left usually

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look like platelets, favour the theory that these little bodies

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Hutchinson, who, after the usual loyal toasts, presented to

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visited on Wednesday, March 22nd, by the Empress Frederick,

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Mr. JIyles thought they would be all inclined to give a

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Luke's Vestry, and a number of other metropcditan vestries

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A boy, aged 9 years, idiot and epileptic from dentition, unable to

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the operation failed to detect any second cyst in the liver or in any of the

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UNIVERSITY COLLEGE. Bristol (Medical School). --Medical Tutor. Sti-

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1892, was published a short note from me on Mr. Stephen's

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Branch will be held on Wednesday, March 8th, in the Theatre of the

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Majesty's Government feel justified in expecting that the representatives

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Evidence of another kind may be obtained by comparing

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administration of this district. The Council is now moved

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Mr. Finlay continued his address to the jury, observing thatthedefenoe

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escaping more easily. Young troops newly quartered in cer-

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spores have great permanent vitality, soon die in deep well

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Therapeutisches Hand-Le.rikonJ rnihaltend in'S8&Arfi%eFn''im<i

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tions among a large number of rural parishes will not tend to

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the case from the jury, but he endeavoured to direct tlie

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degree of LL.D. on Sir Frederic Bateman. of Norwich, and

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Any communication should be addressed to Mr, Jonathan

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