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personal characteristics of the flight surgeon. The study indicated that in
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The animal may not be able to stand but if so the leg
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patients delirious for some minutes the delirium may even
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cers and in the absence of spasm no deformity of the
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however lies between the opinions of these two celebrated
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The two cases varied in some of their minor features
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tion should be practised in order that the character of
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ter and down another nerve. Now if you have a lesion affecting the
table are more frequently attacked than the lean and
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the interest of the commissioners to appoint efficient men and they
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the Branch secretaries would always attend if possible.
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the upper respiratory tract in every tuberculous patient the frequency of
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of the abscess where they occupy the capillaries and around the portal
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instances when these infants could take nourishment
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cases thus far recorded are quite insufficient to permit the
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cured before I put him under the influence of gas and gently
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tained but little air and the pleura much fluid seem snffi
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Linseed tea or poppy head vaginal injections are very useful during the
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of several thousands less or more in any individual tube would
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by touching wounded finger severe epigastric pain perspiration profuse gener
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I consumed three half barrels regained my weight of
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Health and a committee of the citizens of Hanover. pp. Lansing Robert
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Cardiac output tends to return to control values during long term therapy

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