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CJalbanum is the conerete juice of an uncertain plant, prulmblj s

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temperatures of 5° C, 15° C, and 25° C immediately after infection.

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would make a savage within the tropics stark mad, would

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obtuse, and general sensibility is so much impaired, that pinching, or

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tice is to be given up. The cold shower bath sometimes pro-

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prising Sulphurous Acid and the Sulphites, Nitric Oxide, Sulphate of Protoxide

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from the statement of Pereira, that all the specimens he had tried of


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lating salts. When we add to that the collateral circum-

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presence in the atmosphere, when not sensible to us in any

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the restraints of modesty or timidity are removed; the tone of voice be-

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is frequently, likewise, the exciting cause of mania. Esquirol

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pbune acid, combined with certain products of the decomposition ol

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weak ; the secretions, especially those of the skin., the liver,

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ter. It imparts its bitterness to water and alcohol, but, it is asserted,

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tion. The want of any special influence on the brain adapts it peculiarly

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disease as well as other inflammations of the mucous lining of

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in the medulla idjhaigata, is so far overwhelmed by the active congestion

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contraction, and^ indeed, to augineot the functions of ali the organs on

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cholera, have not worked well. They have done some good ;

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m ipaJc?. Him: watiim if amoi obk «UHiufi sdi: ac ifv^uUiWMi 4C vumr.: Hnt jk>

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sole, the turbot ; and some river fish, as the trout, the perch,

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tual and continuous ; into those which are temporary ; and

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intefidH ^Qif cutoriml use^ oontaining exit-aet of belljulonna ftnd laudanum, faaTins

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has employ4Hl the remedy for this purpose, states that it may Ix* bo ap-

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ylococci isolated from tissues and those found in feces of the same

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countries where animal food is chiefly used. The pure fecula,

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eral ofgnaic nervous system, and might even rank with the iiervou«|

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which entitle them to the name by which they are distinguished.

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would have no tendency. In other words, it is alterative, as well as

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Let us again send one who has already had symptoms of

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root, which is scraped down before being subjected to pres-

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rather that of an astringent than a purgative, but milk con-

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acid, which precipitates the salts of sesquioxide of iron of a gi^enish or

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