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may be both conscious and unconscious. It is mostly the latter.

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would ever improve. So, with this gloomy prospect for my

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the habit of using liquor, and occasionally got drunk. He was in

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can be applied directly to the locality of the disease, Mr. Startin

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Dr, Sims, in your work of chanty and benevolence ! Al-

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with Dr. Joseph P. Paine at Boston Highlands, his office and residence at Hotel

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The mental state has already been described, and I need not

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the importance of the parts involved. Frontal wounds are

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College and the medical deparlmcDl of the University

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of clothing to various parts of the wound, quicker first aid,

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east or west of the time meridian. This simple arrangement, which

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and was graduated therefrom in 1853 as A.B., later, on fur-

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spent the first sixteen years of his life, attending public schools, pri-

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He has been a resident of Newport, Vt, since January, 1869, prior to which date he

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of life, nobody shall ever know it if it ought to remain a secret " ?

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I repeat, the heroism that seeks to destroy human lives is

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their principles and duty in every respect. As we are able

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and of the men who, in military, naval, and civil positions

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apparently become much less frequent since the salicylic treatment was intro-

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be dealt with u «icli. li.i -,v^. ,i. .... „.....,... ^^is

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tion, also, the application of a blister; but the patient, having

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flower, while lying at anchor in the harbor of Cape Cod ; he was the

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At first a sling, a short time afterwards a hollowed out

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His most renowned work has been in the line of plastic

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his superior officers ; he was brevetted Lieutenant-Colonel

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analogy, perhaps, with the synovitis of gonorrhea. Careful examination should

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tion ; small and large bubbling rales, front and back, at base of

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long (i"25 inch), and yg millimetres (o'3i inch) in diameter.

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of singular usefulness. Of liberal views and wide culture, he has

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Treatment of Certain Malignant Growths by Excision of the External

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This technique, we wish first to point out, concerns

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terne for a year and a half in St. Mary's Hospital in Brooklyn and

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epiphysial tissue, more or less spongy, with short trabeculae.

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five months, two doses daily. During the summer there were

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Here, as in his former place of practice, the Doctor easily

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