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(It is a generally acknowledged fact with practical men that
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case later, and there was no doubt about the endocarditis ; it was of "malignant "
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of the disease. There is nothing in the confluence per se, it merely
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disease which he at first called " cramp-colic," but which after death
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cool climate, a lesser change is sometimes beneficial,
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At present the municipality does nothing, or next to nothing,
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and a half, and is increasing rapidly. ^Ir Huraboldt calcu-
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flagyl 500 mg 20 film tablet nedir
appointment of the staff of such hospitals, each of which, it is
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pass to the left side of the spine, and rarely to the left loin
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communication. An encapsuled abscess which does not communicate
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cient substitute for iodoform in the treatment of chan-
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posterior to this point ; a catgut ligature was applied
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<liffictilt to define with certainty. The sudden onset of the
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ahondant, it denotes dysentery. This form of diarrhoea is represented by
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cians and the homoeopaths of the University School of
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which are reported by Dr. Di;vies, the minimum duration in hospital was
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five years ago. Here there can be no question as to the
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destroy it. This germ is probably always present in the
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way to bring up a child with pulmonary stenosis who has survived
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Panum (1855) conducted a series of •important experiments, and
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the conclusion is justifiable that the results of the blood
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reactions, showing that the variety of forms in which
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contains a substance that kills or inhibits the specific agent. The sub-
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whether or not the actual cause is neoplastic, inflamma-
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* Read before Muldraugh Hill Medical Society. Elizabethtown, Ky., April 14. 1904.
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instead of being dry, may be moist or somewhat greasy or
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cannot classify, who do bear operations even better. For
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rubbed into the axillae or the groins, there is no evidence that it is all
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tions which require more and more of such combinations the cell is
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than on the face ; so that, even when the disease is confluent on iIk
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obscure cases, and have helped to give us aid in the
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