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of tar, or witli tlie aqua laurocerasi. For patients who can-
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simply to call attention to the matter in the hope that it may
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coucheur (the fatherin-law), seeing that he wittingly allowed the entire
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internal remedy, but as a local application its rubefacient
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jn .May, isstl, when she was treated wiih a rubber ring pessary which
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are given by Johannesseu^ for the years 1863 78, and although
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been proved in the case of the short-eared owl, they have the
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bracing, its equability, combined with dryness, prevents
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deliver the right leg, partly turning it inside out like the
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tion to public health, as had been done by other corpora-
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Roscoe, Mr. Arch, Mr. Swift MacNeill, on the one side, and
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(Dermatology and Syphilis): 1. The ^gonoi^occus and^.the
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recently conferred its honorary membership on three
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remuneration and in other respects were formulated in con-
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gentlemen who attended a course of lectures on Fresh \.\i-
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with a comparison of English, Irish, and American hospitals.
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view of detecting and estimating the ordinary trade adulterations -the
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Davos for two winters, and unquestionably killed a great
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assistance. Each morning and evening the foot and leg were
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furnished apartments, board, and attendance. Applications to Peter
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adopted by Hirsch in his great Handbuch der HUtoruch-Geo-
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deliver the annual address. The balance sheet shows the
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inspectors in Scotland. This sum was to be distributed "in
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quest of unknown knowledge had detained him, for he was
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of bright hours, but for the rest of the year the West End of
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tality statistics, is not without other indications of aflinity.
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sanction in their endeavour to drive a coach and six through
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ticular class of traders, but as one aflecting the community
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The Librarian of the College will be pleased to give further
does toprol cause cough
London is not included because the area of its jurisdiction is
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highly ditYereutiated, and might give a distinct staining reaction. With
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Mexico that the members were officially advised to refrain
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the abdominal wall showed no discjloration from putrefactive changes.
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ments I described on the influence of nueleoalbumins in
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disease is as fatal amongst the old as amongst the young.
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past year is, I think, explainable on the same principle which
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Surgeon-Captain F. J. Deuhy, M.B., Bengal Establishment, is ap-
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strong, and the precise factors which occasion death from an
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muscular movements and, finally, motor paralysis is ob-
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substratum of mind. "It is very common," writes Gowers,-!
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