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expected. Great care should be taken to protect the healthy tissue from

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multiple. The last are conunon in the itt^s and feet, less so in the arms,

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ordered to the Ciilgoa. Pharmacist J. Cowan detached

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other rases are an entire expense to us. It seems very easy

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Send for copy of By-laws and Monthly Bulletin. These lists will be furnished

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purposes. Since, however, the causes of this great danger have come to be under-

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cised in the hygiene of the mouth. Before beginning

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ative power. Nevertheless, an absolutely bad prognosis

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-^ich can usually be done by means of the skiagraph.

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best of all, should be held by an assistant — the anesthetist can

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In the cases just mentioned, and in many other phases of chronic

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most studies were selected to reject those with bone defects

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the larger sacs owe their tuberculosis to the pericardium,

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arranged, sponsored and encouraged by the Division.

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Medical Society, the city fathers issued a ukase which

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greatest good to the greatest number of people," "A healthy body for a

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but the editor has given a sufficient apology for the delay in its publi-

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the mucous membrane at the apex of the triangle, and

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The recovery was normal, and in due time the patient

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honestly and faithfully. We also tell every Councillor

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entirety. Further, the hospital agreed to comply with very

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really educated except through extra and special efforts

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with a calcareous plate and early ulceration under it at one

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from improper feeding. In some cases rectal feeding is of

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it involves the right lobe more than the left, but the percussion dulness

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> A. Haig : Uric Acid as a Factor in I'.ie Causatiou of Disease. 1892

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arrested, and with this rapid improvement of the general symp-

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duct into two parts, the fissure or furrow must be a secondary one.

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The committee refers to a case of traumatic aneurism re-

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btestines— vomiting after partaking of food, extreme distention

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the deception was held to be perfectly innocent, as frequently practised

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Society at Ca8sel,t Sept., 1878, this subject was discussed. Prof. P. Muel-

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head the Atomic Energy Commission, but not terribly

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as it possesses great curdling as well as proteolytic

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first December 24, 1877. Her condition was about as follows:

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have been added for the purpose of comparison. The order

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arterial blood, or involve discomfort or danger to life ; if, however, the

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