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in saw-mills and from shavings is very bad to breathe and should be avoided by

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" Although only nine persons altogether " (in the * Meeanee ')

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be distinguished from the slighter forms of so-called ''optic

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delailed description of the customs and manners of the people could

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siderable size. In a transverse section of the cord carried through

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On Double Facial Paralysis. By Dr. Pierreson. Arch, de Mede-

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This patient again shows the association of aortic and cere-

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the hospital at the latter place. Strychnine was there given him by

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of this case are the anginal seizures, associated with a marked

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as a sure sign of pr^nancy, and not simulated by any other

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necessity of doing housework and of a part of the care of her

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point of view the diabetic s>Tnptoms are under control, but the

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The Mussulman takes a smaller bulk of food than the Hindoo,

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As a warning to those young ladies who would trust themselves in the thorny

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as a neurotic, eager for sympathy. The tentative diagnosis of

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pathology of the renal blood-vessels. Passing by the sclerosis

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ed to ct that the worst effects experienced hero arise — particularly from

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pancreas tissue from the abattoir. This may be administered

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Printers. — Probably no class of mechanics surfer more from the evils surround-

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that daturine and atropine both melt at 190'' E. without losing weight

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the good old way, and taught to make their own bread and pies, instead of sitting

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Dr. Holliek says : — " In one instance I knew a widow who secretly married in

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an organic lesion in the brain, affecting the superior parietal

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stimuH be erased, the individual is at once deprived of all the

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nity, than in the more learned and abstruse disquisitions of the

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body, and eventually the globe softens, complete blindness ensuing.

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the state, by liquor now engendered, there can be no manner of doubt. ~No man,

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Cranial Nerves. — These showed no particular abnormalities.

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Cases of consumption from colds contracted at the season of measles are very

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bable, indeed, there is no instance recorded to the contrary, that all persons of the

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Paris, &c., &c.^ Directeur de la Maison de Sante Ponded

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pletely, and the finger passed without opposition into the low^

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Children are often injured by being kept to sleep -without sufficient warmth.

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nerves lie within a bony canal, there may be during development ''some

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public health, have afforded their co-operation.'* (P. 27.)

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mum was only 26*5, the mean only 225. The mean of the two

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modestly states that '' it is not devoid of the faults incident to

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entering on life must set up their domestic establishment, have, in many instances,

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"While, in the language of the Proverbs of Solomon, "the lips of a strange woman

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