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rather than dry, though both types may be found. In the presence

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measured by the manometer. As a general rule, the clamp was closed at the

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Commission, I will briefly say that what an army mainly requires,

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thra. Its use in this way, in a few cases, has been very sat-

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teaching and practice of gastroenterology. This Society will certainly

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tally. He concludes his valuable contribution by saying

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" This precious medicine folIoAviiig, will bring forth a

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of the atmosphere as modifying the type of disease; above all that

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ing the non-contagiousness of the disease, and in support of

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centre of that canal under the arch of the pubes, so that if prolonged,

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Treatment. The treatment of acute myelitis has gone through

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spreads over the entire surface of the body. The eczemata of the head

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strangulated hernia is transient, and need not alarm the

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sesses neither the power nor the influence, or, if it

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April 26, 1869, Charles William K , a3t. two years, suffers

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he quotes Dr. Lister as teaching that the animal ligature is revi-

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first, a diffuse clouding of the cornea extending well below the pupil-

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sie, ihr Wesen und ihre Bebaiullung. Wien. med. Presse,

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and nurse, treating her for a complete nervous collapse. Now her

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prisoners, confined in Schlussenberg fortress, are being sub-

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never been revoked, though suspended for one year only — 1871; and District

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rarinfee fran9aise ; amelioration de I'ean d'alinientatiou.

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tuberculin ; the result being that, with a single exception,

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portant in a quantitative point of view ; and here we find

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also been of frequent occurrence in the famine districts of India. On

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Application op Snow. In slight cases oi ••frozen fingers," or other

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thus produce in a state of health, readily leads to the comprehension of

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infectious spleen, as in typhoid fever. The case of septicemia mentioned

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and most of them have been closed on account of the lack of sufficient

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healing forces should be preserveil by avoiding narcotics,

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single flagellum, and the spherical shape. In the amoebic stage, it is

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think they must not use their eyes. Thus they regard the non-use of

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Reed (11) of Chicago has standardized ante partum fetometry so

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effort of the liver to free the body of the toxic substances is in a

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' The real cause or method of origin of defective characters that are trans-

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not good at any time, and after she had been here some 5

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D. M.; Stewart, R. L,; Stirling, J. E., Smith, Elizabeth;

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Symptoms. There are several varieties of the spasm, differing in

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College, with which the other school had been merged. The latter

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Such a scheme of analysis involves the determination of total nitro-

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