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aiiM-uhetics, from henceforth is greater. Medical men who continue to use
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closure of the whole inguinal canal while neglecting the internal ring, th°
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also a Belgian, who had been an assistant of Father Damien's
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handle was direct^ beneath the cecum where I believed the sloughing ap-
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the fact was first pointed out by Dr. Gibb, | dization might do for her. Dr. Althaus
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two ounces, and so on, until the whole of the olive
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number of bills, which would probably fail of passage,
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Modder suggests that Ixodes hovis — i.e., Margaropus annulatus var.
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these classes there is for less probability than among the rich,
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examination of the effects of astringents ? Are the beneficial
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be absent in delirium. Thus, they are not useful in differ-
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without quotation marks, we may be permitted to infer
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At that time, moreover, scarlatina was epidemic in London, and not in
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sclerotic which is filled in by the cornea : called
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of the case. Patient died next day after admission.
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subcutaneous and those that open to the air. He says — ' The
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such sections. Necessarily, for the first few years of occu-
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the night she was kept busy in removing the wet and
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we bring this communication before the Royal Medico-Chirurgical
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hesitate to make the diagnosis in the dark. You will notice that, with
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SC. Lille, 1890, i, 421 -424. — F«.\. A few notes
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ia or else that the occurrence of convulsions was not looked for. I may here state
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I the medicine and she could not drink it. At the persuasion of the
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all catarrhal affections, auscultation will offer in young children, a
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A case in point occurred at Guy's Hospital in 1879; the patient, a child
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naces, stoves, and water and steam heating apparatus. 5. Ventilation.
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of the ground substance of the anterior horns had been found.
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is particularly useful in all Scorbutic Affections, Diseases of the Skin, &c.
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blood. Ten days after the ingestion of the drug the patient
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tively. Some observers have affirmed that the earliest indications
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whatever, and, indeed, some of its forms supervene and subside too
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tain by experiment the effects of distention of the abdom-
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period of non-infectivity lasting two to three weeks, becomes again
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followed by insanity. Adolescent insanity has appeared
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them to comprehend their nature, and to repeat them if they
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of zinc, as an emetic ; and treated as in the former case. What

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