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comparable with the ordinary infusion broth to which guinea pig liver has
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graduate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons
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incubating for one hour in order to hasten fixation. To this mixture
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a portrait of Dr. Dunlop taken from Maclise s Gallery of Illus
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cases are reported where Ihe wrong kidney would have
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n dressmaking at the Trade School for Cardiac Children New York City.
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tume. It is a noticable fact that the early work on
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ably should be credited to Behring yet it is equally
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of punctiform bluish petechias. There was also one papule
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that gentleman s approval I worked out and extended Mr.
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tions concerning this trial which has just occurred at Exeter. We think
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under water part whereof being impelfd up fenfibly reduced the air
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concentric limitation. The loss of the color field is usually greater than
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the warm bath used as many times gum arabic water as a
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to increase the quantity but of very material aid to the
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calculi and subsequent prostatectomy if thought necessary
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a white Moor. It was commonly imagined that these white Africans
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years she had suffered much pain about the right hypo
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It is probable that in ver many cases prurigo begins
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in the main by difference in their fructifying organs.
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quick or snappy is almost a sure index of septic toxemia and
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increafed affociate motions produce fo much pain as to over
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The kind of cases I have just mentioned have probably
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no particular rules are required. The patient continues with his cus
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precisely the same as are to be found in the course
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operation is especially indicated if internal medical treat
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embarked on board the Iris frigate commanded by his
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curred four times bilateral posticus paralysis four times
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gaining in flesh. Defect in the chylopoietic processes is shown by anaemia
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the whole thing was explainable by the action of air
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man of active life who has retired the beginning of
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Feulner Chas. Daniel mc Kentucky School Med. State Board
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who have tuberculosis foci. It also supports Ghon in the distribution of
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by touching wounded finger severe epigastric pain perspiration profuse gener

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