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In order to gain a clear idea of the ultimate fate of the carbohy-

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the Hygienic Institute of the Royal University of Munich,

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water containing no infusoria not only gave no decrease in

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<London : J. and A. Churchill. 1893. Crown 8vo, pp. 42, Ss.)

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;.:i.: »:\>sm;i, :. \* i.i. ! .m:::p;k^ wv.u :hi cri>: i> expeciorated, when it

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Dk. MacGeegoe has given notice of his intention on the

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the sentence was commuted to one of penal servitude, in 95

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and phenacetin. Phenactin is the least depressing of them all, and


BOYAii College of Surgeons of England, 5 p.m.— Professor Bernard

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or until the specific effects are felt in a sense of constriction of the throat

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much afraid of punishment. They seek their victims from

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Attention, therefore, cannot be too assiduously paid to the first

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—namely, places scarcely ranking as even minor ports, such

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pain are particularly excited by the fimctional movements of the

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ai trr ol his pulse, however, satisiiecl me that he had no chronic kidney

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of nervous debility reflex excitability of the sensory nerves is so in-

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liimself from a height is, perhaps, momentarily insane. Many

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deed, think proper to advertise the fact, and it will be time enough for it

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fact that originally the adrenal glands are derived from a branch of

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.^^ •t:*r ' M^ >i :vc ^. ±121 why can drugs so specially

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there is no dropsical period; the pulse, however, is of high tension and

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the sisters of All Saints' Community, will carry on the work of the hos-

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memorandum that articles after being soaked in the solution

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failed. After consultation with Brigade-Surgeon-Lieutenant-

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and excavated edges which are characteristic of the ulcers of amebic

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To our utter surprise, an organic afiection, which we did

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a primary affection. On the other hand, while rheumatism does not

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blood should certainly be examined for a hyperleukocytosis. Local

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gard to the safety of the public, but also in regard to the trade and inter-

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Though authors maintain that paralysis agitans is never a fatal dis-

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perience, the earliest symptom of its approach is a duninution in the

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In regard to the first it is hardly to be expected that the

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chronic appendicitis, and on Dr. Morris' removing the appendix the

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ease, both before and after the development of thyroid symptoms,

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The subjects in the other sections will also be found to be

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