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each province for dealing with a the distribution of

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unrecognised for years until the patient accidentally bites his

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their atdtude toward the medical staff. I say this with

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meantime the stricture which occurred in the sigmoid

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uterus due to post mortem rigidity are sufficient explanation of this remark

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When uric acid in excess is in the system analysis of the

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tability and is quite generally expressed by pain arising incident to

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pelvis without opening the peritoneal cavity. A second incision

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priate prayers to the gods the cup is divided into four compartments

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but also a source of unceasing annoyance and vexation. Whereupon with

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may interfere with the metabolic exchange between blood and tissue. In

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from the inception of our Training School took advantage of this for a

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cal forces under direct control and where results are re

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night she vomited several times. The vomiting continued

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contributing to the pleasures of this body during its session in Griffin

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stronger and impinges more directly upon the olfactory area than the

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ptomaines which are never present in health one of which

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that the cimtrary conclusion is generally reached in

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stitutional disturbance and much local swelling but these sym

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an obliterating inflammation. They are the last structures to yield and may

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An examination of surgeons in the Royal Navy who are eligible and

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these have made death from such an operation almost an impossibil

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of weight and discomfort vomiting again occurs either of a clear

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on foot through a ni.alarious district before his illness.

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plans which he has seen succeed aud persist in them afterwards because

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numerous bites on the mucous membrane thereby giving rise to

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wife and after nearly fifty three years of married life.

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said they had a report from practically all of the state organi

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sification of man i. c Man is an omnivorous biped that wears

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axillary or the inguinal glands as the case may be are acutely

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carriers were nothing if not specialists. They were bound to be specialists. If

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for the Secretariat and the Editor of the British Medical

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turmoil and excitements which railroads telegraphs and newspapers

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Apothecaries Company are eUgible as Candidates for the

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tumor or be diffused as multiple growths. The lumbar and sacral regions

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the lips of the cervix a solution of alum should be

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apt to lead to the presence of cells in the fluid. The

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