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persons will endure toothache a great length of time without attempt

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the endometrium. The uterus was restored to its normal relations

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certain in its action than arsenic and can be more readily applied in

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Thus the period is delayed when organic alterations have

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disturbance of nutrition and the excretion by the kidneys of incompletely

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ularly to the lack of interest shown in comparative pathology.

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bookseller of Fleet Street founder of the great publishing house

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vein were negative in every case but little importance can be at

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Diseased action by its conformity in certain pathological manifesta

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other is paralysed a farther advanced state of disease than mere

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bonate and sulphate on the herbage hay and hedge rows and in

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Dr. Wendell C. Phillips of New York spoke of the brilliant work of

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in advanced cases the condition is a very precarious one owing to the

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validates one must also affect the other but I believe

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ally requiring twenty minutes. The operation was almost

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delivered the fetus and against all expectations alive. The placenta was

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the cause of this general shortcoming of American medi

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the nasopharynx was frequently washed out with a saturated

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Prommence is chiefly given in this report to Dr. Cuningham s

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Unusual forms of degeneration particularly those associated with ab

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acids were found to be absent and an examination of an acidulated

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incessantly awakened out of their sleep by the same cause and M. Jolly

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theria. One of the difficulties consisted in differentiat

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January Cutaneous tests were made with the proteins of doghair. cat

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as the outbreaks owe many of their characteristic symptoms to the

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been received as an evidence of malignancy or that the disease was

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