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Begrulations Governing the Transportation of Meat in Interstate and

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spinal n.ot a,..l of a II..Nio.. o,. ,.M..,.si..i, point .... llu- <-..t..s. .t was

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establishment number. (See Pis. VI and VII and fig. 1.) The

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be elected when the meeting is held in St. Louis, and

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certify to the Secretary of the Treasury what are recognized breeds and purebred ani-

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opaque than the remaining portions. Quite the reverse, this area is

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phenomenon of colloidal relationships. In this particular case it

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The following served on the scientific advisory com-

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Fig. 1. — ^An automatic ozygai-hjdrogen generator.

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G. D. Searle & Company, Chicago, Illinois. Booth 65.

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or whose carcasses or products were intended for export.

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it oeeiirs at exactly the same time as the tlexion of the antagonist. Rher-

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Thoroughly equipped for all the approved therapeutic measures. Insulin, metrazol and

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posite or contralateral lind) usimlly under^'oes a definite extension,

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ever be selected President of this organization. I want

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Test for Glycosuria, .Amer. J. Clin. Pathology, 74.117-21

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law they admitted that they could not legally send the meat to the tanks, but that it

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r,.pl, thov iioiinally .niplov.,! for amlitorv hihI s|.ok.'ii lanirnairf lias

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Ever since the Bureau of Animal Industry of the United States

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your instructions. Lov-e Corrective Brassieres are available

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Those parents desiring to attend the conference should

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theon microtherm as well as many other interesting surgical supplies. Therefore

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Tilt' ciMii sc .'I I II I I'liiicl imiv 111' I 111' riVi'i'tiir lirliriilis uf I he 111 let' nil t flows- -

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port released by the State Division of Health and approved by the State Hospital

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tended for human food was placed under the more scientific

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counterfeit, simulate, or falsely represent, or shall without proper authority use, fail

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n ly ascrihcd to a hypersecretion of the ant; id of the anieriiu' lolie of

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showing symptoms of the disease Strauss's test is more reliable. Its

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priority in the A Group that is not ready for a con-

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„ ,,,in- „„-,-as..s. iMiI tl,,-,- is „., -Inn,.,- in tl„- nl,s,.|i,t- a.i.n.itit. N-i-

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services in the health department, such as venereal

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older B children and the two C children, on the other hand, played

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We have shown that the intravenous injections of N/3.7 or N/7

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cal examination was normal except for the febrile re-

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the woodwork, flooring, and ground of the sheds, alleyways, and pens with a solution con-

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of the human body nearly 2000 years after the establishment of scien-

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The work at Plymouth and vicinity showed the need of a much

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verbage and added little to the text. Instead of having

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vessel upon which said consignment of live stock is to be transported after tbe loading

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Cooper 5 Donald N. Morgan Hoonville J. C. Tincher 3oonville

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