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missed the birth of my first chOd. But serving there, caring for

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from the contraction and cicatrization of a cyst or of fistulous openings,

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referred to the manner in which bacilli reached the visceral

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ference, that the best and most useful thing it did was

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be enlarged to a large tumor of about l}/i inches in diameter. The external os formed a

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and to make, in these visits, a proper disposition of

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former will give her child potato and gravy, aided and

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observed that he passed water involuntarily during sleep, and suf-

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day of the affection. Palpation confirms the results of inspection, while

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produced by supernumerary ribs are due mainly to the

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using the appropriation for constructing a new hos-

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while they work; but on a feast-day or a Sunday, one

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black, gelatinous substance; or a thin, stringy material re-

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states that in St Louis a ntmiber of cases were found to be due

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blanc has given a detail of the history of the disease

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ntervened prievously to the report of tlie Comitia, before it was

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capsule. There are often numerous haemorrhages to be seen

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about two inches above the joint, and the condyles driven

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affect resolution or early liquifaction of this mass ?

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experience is that the eggs may be found in fsecal examinations even in

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the District Commissioners, Major Sylvester, superintendent

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the tube III is substituted for tube II. In the latter, one of the parallel glass disks

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Third Row, Left to Right: J. O'Connor, N. Peters, W. Moore, R. Ryon, R. Arner, D. Gross, E. Gettinger, A. Cat-

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not show the deviation it does when the knee is extended. This is

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there was found, ten years after, evidence of chronic in-

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in the third stage. If the patient was seen during the first stage,

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capable of producing diarrhoea and more or less anaemia.

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Enlarged Tonsils. — In children under 15 the tonsillotome is univer-

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taking such general measures as the nature of the case re-

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tbgether with dulness and oppression, instead of heightened activity of the

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the diaphragm nearly to the bifurcation of the trachea

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also cited recent AMA success in removing some or the

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the patient gain flesh, though still complaining that he is ruined, or is a

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In the British Army every recruit is closely examined, and if

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parents, who, however, might recall complaint of " grow-

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1835 a. — Congenital hydatids in a lamb ■c'Veterinarian, Lond. (94), v. 8, n. a.

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in the cultures, when first made, and second, if such erythrocytic ele-

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dwell and toil, in the British village of Dumdrudge, usually

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