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nacy and its tendency to relapse it betokens a rather important consti

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cent times tumors of animal and vegetable worlds the

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the butter maker by controlling the ripening of the cream to secure

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escaping from the body into the atmosphere but as this loss

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gland in the fatal case could have been easily made out.

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is important from many points of view. It may give indi

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Bellevue Hospital cells. Nearly all the patients had been


care as to what they ate how they lived or whether they were

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dependent. Organs and tissues says Dr. Gull have each their

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the most difficult of all social problems viz. sexual

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struction mostly require the difficult operation of resection for

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many persons pass long and useful lives with tubercles in a dor

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The Indian Leprosy Commission state that sufficient time has

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rubin. Surely therefore there can no longer be an doubt as

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Somewhat more frequently as a sequela furunculosis is observed

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submerged as in the tropics during the continuance of

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After the third day several of the sections removed to the building of

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cessful war against tuberculosis and this benefit will

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as they will soon recover. Dry snuff may be blown up

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of an inch in diameter was then inserted in the duode

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making a few remarks on die operation of extraction as appli

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This is an inflammation of the sensitive part of the foot

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by a fractured clavicle. I must here record my indebtedness

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patient has returned to work. The writer concludes his

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is the largest in membership as well as the richest Red

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conclusions at which he had arrived with respect to the phy

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wise classified. This series included all varieties

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tubercular deposits and a syphilitic catarrh. We have

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