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Saxony and Dr. Jacubasch of Andreasberg in the Harz
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the heart and pulmonary artery without an embolus as a nucleus as
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to legislate for the ewes suffer from distended udders the
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towns of England and Wales during the week ending April st cor
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shortest cycle of development is from five to eight weeks.
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of these cases did not have diarrhea documented dur
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issued a pamphlet bringing this condition to the attention of all
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of the cornea. In the absence of an available specialist
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the dilatation and frctjuent inosculation of the venous rudiadiC
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sugar oil and the mineral salts more particularly the phosphate
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sant to the heart in toxic doses. Medicinal doses injected
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on the second test the premises should be again disinfected. All
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variously similar and equivalent to pellagra. Here un
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Of Technologists and Technicians including Chemists and Bacteriologists
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had been employed in the boats at Acre was attacked with fever
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in chains of ten to twelve elements. Retains Gram s stain
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those who contemplate entering the field of industrial
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mond is reported as having aspirated the liver for abscess twenty six times
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work upon objects both near and far. Both are engaged in
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active controversy and critical research initiated by these remarkable
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Symptoms. In studying the symptoms of the plague it is found
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vertical wires of the cross seen at horizontal wires at. By this
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and tingling down the forearm and little finger and in five or
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A good substantial card catalogue case with a sufficient number of
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prove. On the sixth day desquamation set in. The growth of the
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trunk with the exception of the aorta the shadow of which is broadened
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Spontaneous Umbilical Hemorrhage etc Dr. J. Foster Jenkins New
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easily excluded by the blood picture. In the hemorrhagic diseases such as
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the followini statistics taken from the rec rds of l gt ellevuo
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equally important results would have been obtained and as
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type. When emphysema is present the air entry is diminished an lt
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section commencing froni below upwards and detaching in tlie
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due to the action of Bacillus tuberculosis through one of its many
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on the range and therefore any effort calculated to curtail this
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days to graioa the cough had disappeared though in mid
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one half were treated with homoeopathy and the remainder

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