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The disease in animals was early recognized to have some of the

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nurse their infants, but I sho\dd like very much to hear

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The origins and causes of disease are divided into seven classes, namely:

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and hygiene in this case, as well as physiology, have become

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Lot 2.— P. H. Kaspkr, Nichoijwin. Waupaca County, Wis.

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engaged writing a pai)er on the " Localization of Atrophic Paralyses," ' in

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acute infections generally was not the bugbear it was

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occurred at the junction of the appendix and cecum, the

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the period in which it has been w-orking some 10,000 men have been disinfected

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these modes of diagnosis have not as yet assisted greatly our prognosis^

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" Patients who have lost one eye by glaucoma are more readily induced

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The submedian ridges axe well developed, and the anterior extremity some-

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the bare statement c] noted, so that we have no actual facts to aid

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cause a blood column to appear in the ipsilateral external

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progressive polyarthritis; the hypertrophic form usually invades only a few

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\. Oil the BattleHeld- \ii. i di.--iiiL' tin- v\..,,iu|. ., hiiij. i ni.ui.. ii,,i!,

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reflates to scholarship and training, has been made during

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last Council meeting the Division on Maternal and Child Wel-

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the gas extricated by the new method is not chlorine, as it was at first sup-

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to the reader. Not having access to the English version

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I did not like to leave without making a positive diag-

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above, by the time the solution reached the end of the

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with a slight cyanotic hue, as in Case Vlll, D. B. The middle

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chronoscope, constructed by Hipp, in Neuchatel, according to my specifications.

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tissues of several animals. Schittenhelm claims that the calf's kid-

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and pathology of the living human subject and with Medical

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excretion of hydroquinine, and among other drugs which produce like

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