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bore the description given by Trousseau and Jackson,
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also according to their complexions, constitutions, and habits, their
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Dr. Taylor said that in the case of the baby it would be necessary to assume
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tant surgeon, U. S. A., has been accepted by tbe President, to
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and Practitioners. By D. B. St. John Roosa, M.D., LL.D., Professor
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-I'liil.iti' III .iikI -i.ittiiid ui pil.iliiili-. 'I'lir I rrl'ii.iliMii jit iiul nililiiiid
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ward rubbed with cork. Those nearest to the carbon points
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the needle must be moved in various directions until a place is found in
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Terms of Subscription for India, £1 15*. per annum.
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^ipatiOR, and that sometimes the fsecal masses are tunnelled,
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promoting desquamation are useful ; and (2,) Inflammatory and
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characteristic symptom. Negative results from a diag-
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atmospheric temperature. A good method of studying its effects
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be questioned ; but, admitting its correctness, the explanation of Brown-
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satisfactory and practicable to both physician and patient, and the
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practitioner in Boston, and he had never known injury to follow its
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retired to resi earlier than usual, but, feeling uncomfortable, lie got up, and found
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(Mt't^OTHOiQCNTtitNCD— ^05t-t>COCOH'lQlOiHiHO'^trt>»OCDOa

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